Underarm Roll-on

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Product Description

Dripping sweat this summer! Right!? You know WHAT! Battling sweat stains and unwanted odours has become a breeze now!
Wondering how?

We make it possible with our Underarm Lightening Roll On which has a formulated blend of Mandelic Acid and O-arbutin.

But hold on! That’s not all, our effective and gentle formula also helps to reduce pigmentation and gives you a beautifully smooth and even-toned underarms.

It’s time to roll away sweat, odour, and pigmentation dark spots with the help of Underarm Roll on for Pigmentation. Embrace confidence and stay fresh!

Key Ingredients
Mandelic Acid & O-arbutin
Key Benefits
  • Controls excess sweat
  • Reduces body odour & pigmentation

Storage Information

Step 1

Apply the roller on clean and dry armpits

Step 2

Allow to dry before getting dressed.
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