Expert Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

Expert Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

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Unlock Radiant Skin with Our Specialized Pigmentation Solutions

Welcome to Body Science Clinic, your premier destination for cutting-edge skin pigmentation treatment located in Bangalore. Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to helping you achieve flawless, even-toned skin. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to combat pigmentation issues effectively!

The Science Behind Uneven Skin Tone

Skin pigmentation is a common concern characterised by dark spots, patches, or uneven skin tone. It can be caused by factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetics, or inflammation. The types of Pigmentation are as follows:

Freckles: It is the most prevalent type of pigmentation. Freckles tend to appear after prolonged sun exposure, especially if you have fair skin.
Solar Lentigines: These pigmented spots with a distinct edge are sometimes known as liver spots or sun spots. Their colour ranges from light brown to black, and they can appear anywhere on the body.
Melasma: It refers to deeper pigmentation located within the dermal layer of the skin. On the face, it presents as larger, brown patches with unclear or ill-defined borders.
Hyperpigmentation: This condition is a response to skin damage and can be triggered by factors such as acne, burns, friction, or aggressive clinical procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser therapy, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

Why Choose Body Science Clinic for Pigmentation Treatment?

Experience the Difference

Our clinic in Bangalore stands out to be the best clinic for Pigmentation treatment. Experience the difference at our Body Science clinic and discover why we are the top choice for individuals seeking effective, safe, and professional pigmentation solutions.

Expert Team

Our renowned skin specialists have years of experience in treating pigmentation issues.

Advanced Technology

We use state-of-the-art laser technology for precise and effective pigmentation removal.

Personalised Approach

Tailored treatments to suit your unique skin type and pigmentation concerns.

Proven Results

Thousands of satisfied clients with transformed, radiant skin.

Targeted Solutions for Your Skin

Topical Medication

Topical medications are specialised creams or ointments formulated to address pigmentation issues. These medications often contain ingredients like hydroquinone, retinoids, Arbutin, Mandelic acid or kojic acid, which target excess melanin production.

Is this the right treatment for you?

Do you have a busy lifestyle but still aspire to tackle pigmentation concerns? Topical medications might be your ideal solution. Imagine effortlessly incorporating them into your daily routine, working towards your dream of achieving a more even complexion, whether it’s for that important job interview or your upcoming beach vacation.

Why is it suitable?

Topical medications are suitable for individuals with mild to moderate pigmentation concerns. They are non-invasive, convenient to use, and can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the top layer. This process helps to remove damaged and pigmented skin cells, revealing fresher, less pigmented skin underneath.

The Peels include mild de tan peels like Kojic acid, AHA , BHA; enhanced brightening peels like mandelic peels and Jessners peel, peels for deeper pigmentation – Cosmelan, Derma melan and Meline peels; very deep dermal peels- TCA and Phenol peels.

Is this the right treatment for you?

Are you planning to get married and want to look your absolute best by eliminating pigmentation? Then you’re at the right place. Chemical peels offer rapid improvements for pigmentation issues like melasma and sunspots, ensuring you walk down the aisle with radiant, flawless skin.

Why is it suitable?

Chemical peels are suitable for those seeking a more immediate improvement in skin pigmentation. They are effective for a range of pigmentation concerns, including melasma and sunspots.

Chemical Peels

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses focused laser beams to target and break down excess melanin in pigmented areas. This encourages the body to naturally eliminate the pigmented cells, resulting in a more even skin tone.

Is this the right treatment for you?

Dreaming of a modeling career and aspiring to achieve perfect skin? Laser therapy could be your secret weapon. Whether you’re dealing with mild or stubborn pigmentation concerns, this treatment delivers precise results. Imagine confidently pursuing your modeling dreams with skin that exudes confidence and beauty.

Why is it suitable?

Laser therapy is suitable for individuals with various levels of pigmentation concerns, including stubborn and deep-seated pigmentation. It offers precision in targeting pigmented areas and can deliver significant results in fewer sessions compared to some other treatments.


It is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation technique designed to address discoloration resulting from conditions like acne, sunburn, and other skin issues. This treatment is akin to an advanced vitamin melange peel, offering a safe and effective solution for stubborn pigmentation concerns.


Ensuring Optimal Results and Your Skin’s Well-being

Before Treatment

Consultation: Schedule an initial consultation with our skin specialists to assess your condition and discuss your treatment options.

Sun Protection: Start applying broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to shield your skin from UV damage, a common trigger for melasma and chloasma.

Avoid Irritants: Refrain from using harsh skincare products that may exacerbate pigmentation issues.

Stay Hydrated: Maintain proper hydration to support overall skin health.

During Treatment

Follow Instructions: Adhere to the treatment plan prescribed by our experts diligently.

Protect from the Sun: Continue sun protection practices throughout the treatment period.

Stay Consistent: Attend all scheduled treatment sessions as advised by your specialist.

Report Changes: Notify your dermatologist of any unexpected changes or concerns during treatment.

After Treatment

Post-Treatment Care: Follow the post-treatment skincare regimen recommended by our experts to maintain results.

Sunscreen Continuation: Continue using sunscreen to prevent pigmentation recurrence.

Regular Follow-ups: Attend follow-up appointments to monitor your skin’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to your skincare routine.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle: Eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and manage stress to support your skin’s health.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

We are the top clinic for Pigmentation treatment in Best in Bangalore. Visit our Body Science clinic today for the top-notch results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful, and will I need pain medications?

The treatment is generally well-tolerated and minimally painful. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relief like ibuprofen is sufficient. Your dermatologist will advise you on any pain management needed.

What is the prognosis for melasma and chloasma treatment?

The prognosis is generally positive. Many clients experience a significant reduction in pigmentation. However, results may vary, and maintenance is crucial to prevent recurrence.

How is the extent of pigmentation determined?

Dermatologist assesses the extent of pigmentation through a thorough examination of your skin. In some cases, additional tests or imaging may be required to evaluate the depth of pigmentation.

Are there any diseases associated with pigmentation issues?

Yes, pigmentation disorders can be associated with various conditions. Some examples include post-inflammatory pigmentation, lichen planus pigmentosus, Acanthosis nigricans; vitamin deficiencies, drug allergies and certain autoimmune disorders. Your dermatologist will determine the specific cause in your case.

How long does each treatment session typically last?

Treatment session duration varies depending on the specific procedure. It can range from a few minutes for some laser sessions to over an hour for more comprehensive treatments. Your dermatologist will provide you with a clear timeline during your consultation.

Can I wear makeup after the treatment?

You may be advised to avoid makeup immediately after certain treatments to allow your skin to heal. However, our specialists will provide clear post-treatment instructions, including when you can safely resume wearing makeup.

How can I prevent pigmentation from returning after treatment?

To prevent pigmentation recurrence, it’s essential to continue sun protection, follow your skincare regimen, and attend regular follow-up appointments for maintenance treatments if recommended by your dermatologist.

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